Our Story


Mysteria is a mixed farming business located in the hamlet of Grandchester (with a population of approximately 500 people and historically known as Hidden Vale), 75kms south west of Brisbane, Queensland.

We run a small herd of beef cattle comprising Bazadaise bulls paired with an assortment of cows including Brahmans, Square Meaters, Droughtmasters, and Murray Greys.  We are also sheep breeders so you will find Black Headed Dorper ewes and an Aussie White ram.  Besides this, we have the usual animals that you would find on a farm – chickens, guinea fowl, Thelma the goat, horses, dogs, and last but not least a small herd of alpacas.  We started breeding alpacas 12 years ago and now we just keep them for their unique personalities and their lustrous fleece.

Alpaca fleece has so many unique qualities:

  • Hypoallergenic (allergy free and suitable for anyone with sheep wool allergies)
  • Durable (long lasting and doesn’t pill)
  • Elastic (garments maintain shape)
  • More flame resistant than other types of wool or synthetics
  • Lightweight, soft, yet extremely warm
  • Comes in many natural colours
  • Renowned for keeping elements out and warmth in


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